Floating back to FFXIV. Why is it so addicting?!

So, I’m right back in FF because of the free play time – and just like that I’m addicted again. That’s right: addicted. And I finally figured out why this game is able to suck up so much of my time.

See, I have ADHD – like really bad. For us ADHD-brained folk, we need dopamine injections to keep our attention and OMG, FFXIV has this in spades. There’s leveling up your main job and leveling up every single other job in the game. There’s things to craft (and make quality versions of!). Not only that, but here are logs to complete: hunting logs, crafting logs, activity logs, sightseeing!

Whew… And completing all of those logs provides a constant stream of sweet, sweet dopamine.

You easily see why started at 8pm, curious about the cooking portion of the Moonfaire event. Then, next thing I know it was 1am and I’m sitting here trying to check off one more food from my culinary log. Oh, but hold on – I want to finish my crafting gear since I just leveled a few times! I tore myself away from the screen about 3am and finally went to sleep, eager to get back into the game tomorrow.

Let’s think about this. For me, no other game other than sandboxes really pique my interest. Most theme parks to me are far too grindy, but yet I’m still here grinding almost every thing possible in FFXIV. What I think sets this game up differently than WoW and most other games is: freedom. I’m free to do whatever I enjoy (after you pass that freaking MSQ, darn it!).

Crafting some crafting gear, so I can go out and craft some more.

Take for example, WoW. If I wanted to level, I have to grind mobs in this area, then move to another area to grind mobs and do quests there. It is a boring cycle that I just couldn’t get into. In fact, I don’t think I got past level 5. FFXIV is similar, but even though you are grinding, you are continuously checking off boxes, clearing something or “dinging!” Holy skinner box, Batman! Add to that, that is so much eye candy: the environments, the ability and spell particles and animations, glamours! I think that’s why I’m hooked.

Well, that’s it for me today. I’m still celebrating my birthday and I have lots to get into before my free play runs out! Also, if you want to come chat while I while I feed my addiction. I’ll be playing and streaming on your favorite streaming platform this Wednesday, August 14 around 9PM EST:




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